Pimp your devops life : Install a VPS
Apr 30, 2017
4 minute read

Hi ! Today I’m starting a new blog serie, named Pimp your devops life : those articles aim to improve your day to day coder life on various subjects, showing you what you can do better and how to do it.


Who is this for ?

Everybody that can code and understand code, and wants to improve his life workflow ! However those blogs are not beginners ones, you should have some knowledge about computers before.

What will I learn ?

I will teach and show you that you can really develop your day to day life : projects management, tools that are more than useful, media management, raspberry pi experiments … All is done here to show you that you can live better with some code in your life.

Install a VPS

The first thing every coder and devops profile should have is a VPS : a Virtual Private Server.

A VPS is a virtual machine on a big cluster that contains hundred of them, often cheap but small

There are plenty of advantages to have one, and here are some of them :

  • A place to experiment things without tracability (your identity cannot be retrieved from your IP)
  • A place to host all your projects if they need to run 247, like websites, crawlers, API, etc. …
  • A place that have a shell if you don’t have your computer with you
  • A place to run tasks that need to run in background when you travel for example

In fact, a VPS is a must have for every coder that wants to run projects and experiments. So get one.

If you wonder why a VPS and not a dedicated server or a AWS instance, you should read my previous article.


Choose the best offer that fits you

As I said in my previous article, there is a lot of VPS offers out there, and they cost you different amounts of your money, so choose carefully.

Actually, we’re here to experiment and have a place to put side projects, so we only need few things :

  • A small CPU, to run some calculations, but not so much (if you want to do high CPU usage tasks just take a cloud instance like an AWS or Digital Ocean one for one hour, it will be cheaper)
  • A bit of memory, but again not so much (high memory like machine learning tasks goes to cloud too)
  • Some space to save files, and a SSD is a must to go fast
  • No support, because we know how to deal with problems ;)

The cheaper that I found for those specs is a VPS from Kimsuffi, a discount subsidiary from OVH : a VPS SSD 1 with 1vCore, 2GB of memory and a 10GB SSD for only 3 euros a month. I’m very happy with it now, but if you find one cheaper for you don’t hesitate to try for a month and then evolve to something else if you’re not satisfied.

What to do next

So now you may have a VPS now … but what could you do it with it ? Here are some ideas to familiarize yourself with it, and maybe trigger some new projects in your brain :

  • Install a proper shell, like fish or zsh
  • Install Docker because it is awesome
  • Run a website, a blog like this one for example
  • Crawl some websites to gather data and experiment on it
  • Make a bot that wakes you up, etc. …

The sky is the limit ! Be creative, unleash everything you know in a small project on this new server. The next step for us will be to install a VPN in order to keep privacy on the net, but foremost create a virtual network between all your computers and machines, to access them from everywhere, even behind a strict firewall.

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