A few websites to help you in your startup project
Dec 18, 2016
2 minute read

Hi everybody ! I’ve started thinking about Christmas presents and I’ve decided to look for gear or books I might need if I launch my own startup. It is not something I plan on doing now but I’m confident that someday I will launch my own company.


In order to experiment, I will be trying out some of the projects I came up with over the last 6 months next year. So I looked it up on Google and here are my favorites websites about startups :

Growth Supply

In the free section of this blog you will find a lot of useful resources about launching a new project. My favorite section is the Productivity one : it is about tools which aim at improving everyday productivity with cool websites like Noisly. Even if you don’t launch your startup today, a lot of these tools might be useful for you anyway in your day-to-day life.

Template Stash

If you are like me, you might be not very good at designing something like a website for your project. But you need one, and a free one.

I used to go on HTML5 Up! to find static website templates but those are getting more and more famous on the net and it might be difficult for you to not be accused of lazyness. Template Stash is a new website which combines a lot of other online template libraries so the amount of template is way above the number on HTML5 Up. Everything is free, cool and most of the time really beautiful, so don’t hesitate.

StartUp League

As they say in the front page, StartUp League is a Radix initiative and aims at giving cool things to start ups. They offer you sales on conference tickets, t-shirts, and a domain name with a brand new suffix like .tech, .space, .online and so on. This website is cool to find new ideas for a project too and might be useful if you need tech services.


No Desk

This last one is a little bit different. This kind of blog is a collection about digital nomads : people who like to travel a lot and code too. This is really interesting, especially the Gear section where a complete guide with Amazon links can be found, it was very useful to me for finding my presents.

Hope you find that small list useful, if you do know a good blog about startups and gear that can improve your life don’t hesitate to tell me, on twitter for example. See ya !

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