My backpack

Hi ! I love to travel a lot, and I never leave without my backpack, full of stuff I love to take with me on roads.


This is a list about everything I take with me : tech gear, books, … I will complete it when I found something !

The day-to-day backpack


For my personnal and professional use, I need must-have stuff like :

  • A HP Probook 4540s, a small computer and quite old, but that still works. I can’t recommend you to buy one because there are much recent laptop at the same price. And the D-Link DWA-171 I bought because of the wireless chipset inside.
  • A Huawei Ascend Mate 7, a really good smartphone ! It is still on Android 4.4 but I love it anyway.

And for my personnal life, here is things I like and take everywhere with me :

  • An Astro A40 headset, quite old too. I bought it when I was playing video games, but it still sounds really great.
  • A JBL pair of earpods, for when I don’t want to use big headphones.
  • A Sony SRS X55 bluetooth speaker : a must for me. There is a jack input too and a USB output to charge my smartphone !
  • A Fitbit Charge HR to track my hearth rate and the number of hours I sleep.
  • Pencils and a notebook to take ideas !

Finally, some cool stuf I take often :

  • A CommitStrip book, because it is very funny to read : CommitStrip is a strip book about coders and their cool life.
  • A Zero to One book, a good one I’m reading currently about launching startups, written by the founder of Paypal.

I take all of this inside a Herschel backpack, with a Lancaster wallet !